Monday, August 16, 2010

Orgasms Good For Your Health

We all know that sex is good but we might have underestimated HOW good it actually is for us. As per this article on they examples of research that has been done that lists the many benefits of orgasms and why we should put them on our "Things To Do" list, no pun intended. Ok...pun intended

  • A UK study which looked at the relationship between having frequent orgasms (two or more per week) and mortality in men. At a ten year follow up the researcher found that men who had frequent orgasms had a significantly lower risk of death than men who did not have frequent orgasms. 
  • Several studies have hypothesized that hormones released during arousal and orgasm, specifically oxytocin and DHEA, may also have protective effects against cancer and heart disease. 
  • Research has also pointed to the sedative and relaxing effect of oxytocin and other endorphins released during orgasm, which may explain why people use masturbation as a way to get to sleep, and why sex is a great way to deal with stress.
It’s also worth pointing out that orgasm and sex play in general can be a wonderful form of exercise. Frequent sex and orgasms can bring with it the benefit of other good cardio workouts. 


  1. Looks like I will live for ever if this is true.
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  2. That is why I recommend my clients that even though you may not take your vitamins everyday, there is one Vitamin you need which is your Vitamin "O." So did you take you Vitamin "O" today?

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