Thursday, April 15, 2010

Boys vs Girl clothing- Girls win

So I always wanted to have a little boy. I never even knew what I'd name a girl if I had one so when the doctor told me I was having a boy at my 20 week sonogram I was thrilled! That is until I had to start looking for clothes for him. Pink shirts, pink pants, flowers, frills and polka dots...and one rack of "Moms Lil Prince". Awesome. And the madness doesn't stop there. Come Christmas and holiday time while the girls section was littered with red dresses and fancy garb, the boys "section" had two argyle sweaters and a one-piece that said "My 1st X-Mas". Ohhh all the choices!!!

There are always the neutral clothes. You know the gender friendly outfits that are made for baby eunuchs. Granted, the outfits are usually pretty cute and come in pretty greens and browns, but for a baby like mine whom people always mistake for a girl because of his hair these outfits would only exacerbate the issue.
So why exactly IS it so hard to find clothes for boys? Am I the only one that has noticed this? Considering my son was born with perfect eyebrows and beautiful long and curly hair, maybe he can get away with a cute lil shirt with a pink flower on it.