Saturday, August 14, 2010

Make Your Kid's Room City Savvy

Living in an apartment in the city can be not only costly but you are more than likely subjected to limited space for your family. So how can you make a room stand out without spending crazy amounts of money? Here are some tips how to make a modern kids room creatively and without breaking the break.

Use bold colors

This kids room from Freshome is littered with great ideas for modern kids room. They note that colors like sage green, yellow, red, and chocolate brown can be paired with neutrals white, black or tan to give a modern take on kid’s d├ęcor. By using gender friendly colors like this mandarin orange paint with accents of pink keeps it girly without going over the top. Typically using large scale furniture can make a space look and feel smaller but if you only use only a few key pieces they will stand out without dominating the space.
Get the look:
  • Buy large bookshelves that are multi-functional
  • Invest in a sleek comfy chair

Mix old with new
This kids room from Ohdeedoh showcases a blend of old and new, using modern and simple colors by using the pea green and white and loft bed and adding vintage toys and accents.
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Get the look:
Skydiver Robots Shade
Barbie Marilyn Shade

Opt for alternatives to picture frames

By using simple furniture with storage and adding accents to the wall you not only increase the height of the wall but you add an element of originality!

0004|Performics|Baby|Banner|200x200|20070430|20120430|Get the look:
  • Invest in a crib with storage at bottom or one that turns into a toddler bed.
  • Buy cool wall decals. There are some available at Toys R Us that are a great price!


  1. Great ideas and I really love the bold colors used for these rooms. These rooms are so great the child may not want to leave them. LOL

  2. I loved the top room. I would think it would be a good fit for a kid from preschool up to high school. It could easily "grow up" with a girl.

    Thanks for following my blog! I'm glad you found me. I've registered for your site and am pending.

    Tina "The Book Lady"