Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mom Giveaways Are On The Way!

As moms we tend to always put everyone else first and ourselves second which is understandable but unacceptable! We are people too and we deserve a break every now and then. With that in mind I have been going all over the city to different stores to get goodies for moms! There will be gifts of flowers, wine, spa treatments, dinners and more. Why? Because we deserve it and the stores that donate the goodies know that moms do!

I will be placing the gifts on the websites once a month until I start to gain more goodies to give. During the month whoever is interested in the goodie can drop off your name at the store (only once is needed!) and we will have a meetup towards the end of the month to pick the name and determine the mom who gets the goodie! You are more than welcome to visit the store and drop off your name at any time if you cannot make the meetup.

The best part is if the goodie is a spa treatment or dinner and you need someone to babysit I will do it for you, that way you can relax in peace! So keep your eyes peeled for the goodies to come!!!