Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring is here! Time to dine alfresco


Finally! Granted "April showers bring May flowers" I'll take rain over snow any day. There is just something about the sweet after smell of the rain on the grass and the concrete that drives my senses wild! Today we took the kids for a nice long walk (from 10am to about 6pm...yes, exhausting!) and got to meet other puppies in the neighborhood as well as seeing so many moms strolling the parks and streets with their kids. 

On this nice 73 degree day we were hoping to find a place we could eat that was outside and that allowed puppies on the patio. While there were many places that had outdoor seating, we had a hard time finding a place that was dog friendly. The best many could offer was to have Bailey sitting on the outskirts of the patio but the limber puppy that she is she fits right through the bars every time. So what's a hungry family to do? We went to Google! 

On my boyfriends Android phone we were able to simply type in the words "dog friendly restaurants" and it not only found some restaurants, it located a few only some short yards away! 

We were able to dine happily at a restaurant that not only seated us quickly but gave us a water dish for Bailey! 

I heart Google.