Thursday, August 5, 2010

First MITC Giveaway- Mani/Pedi Spa Treatment!

With us moms working so hard at our jobs, school and with the kids don't we deserve a little break? I think so! In honor of our hard work I have been going to many neighborhood stores to see if they will donate treats to the site such as complimentary dinners, gift certificates, spa treatments and more for us moms. And wouldn't you know it, they have agreed!

Our first Moms in the City Giveaway was given by local nail boutique Paint in Chicago. Paint is a super chic nail salon located in the heart of Lincoln Park and is owned by Micki Lee. Micki has been the proud owner of Paint for the last three years and has a number of loyal customers, many of them being cool city moms. 

As soon as you enter you notice that this is more than your average nail salon. Not only are you greeted at the door by the friendly Paint staff, but the boutique is very funky and fun consisting of brightly painted walls and chic decor.

Paint specializes in top notch services by offering all spa treatment such as manicures, pedicures, chair massages and all your waxing needs! Not only has Micki offered Chicago moms this awesome spa package but she has opened her doors for the upcoming Moms and Manicure party night in which us girls the chance to have a nice moms night out and enjoy getting pampered with a little martini and cocktail all while meeting other city moms. 

So how to you enter for such a great treat? You just have to be a member of the Moms in the City website! If you live in Chicago feel free to drop by Paint and leave your name and email! The lucky mom will not only win the mani/pedi but will also have a free babysitter (me!) while you get your treatment!

Paint is open Monday - Friday from 10-8pm, Saturday from 9-7pm and closed on Sunday.  Make sure to stay tuned to the MITC calendar for upcoming dates regarding the Moms and Manicure party and feel free to visit Paint for any spa services you might need!

Good luck!