Friday, June 25, 2010

These boots are made for

While girls predominately sport many different high heels it does not exempt men from occasionally rocking the pump. Not only is it a huge fad in Europe for men to wear the, there are many stores that even sell high heels shoes in men sizes. Here, my friends, are some interesting takes on men in heels:

Types of shoes men wear:
Cowboy boots

Beatle boots

Winklepicker boots
(Guys might not wear them if they knew this is what they are called. They probably just call them the boots with straps.)

Cuban heels

Famous heel wearing men:



Motley Crue

(of course)
And then here my searching took a scary turn and went from hot guys in cool shoes to strange guys in great heels.

 Go here for more of this gent in heels. Caution! While photos have no nudity they are loaded with hilarity.

Here are a few site for  guys who love the high heels:

Models in heels- Sexy or Unsexy?


Would you watch sports if it looks liked this?

What if your blind date showed up like this: