Monday, February 8, 2010

WTF?! Men actually lose weight faster than women!

So as you know I have been on a diet and working on losing weight before my son's bday next month. My boyfriend and I started dieting the same day and for a week we have been eating the same thing ad doing the same general regiment yet he has already lost 10 pounds and I've only lost 6! Now six pounds is better than nothing but there have been days where I will even eat LESS than him, go for longer walks, run up and down stairs and so far he's still ahead. How is this possible?? 

So I looked it up and apparently men DO lose weight faster than women. As bogus as it is here are some of the logistics behind it:
  1. Men have more muscle. This allows them to burn more calories, even when at rest.
  2. Women are predisposed to store and retain fat. Women have higher levels of estrogen, a hormone that works works to keep the fat on a woman's body so it's easier for her to get pregnant. That means women have to work harder to lose weight at the same rate as men.
  3. Men's bodies respond more quickly to exercise. Women's bodies, meanwhile, actually go into a sort of starvation mode, slowing the metabolism to hang onto more fat.
  4. Women may have a lower tolerance for exercise. Women have smaller lung capacity than men, which can make women feel as though they are working harder than men even if the women are working at the same level. This can also make exercise feel harder in the heat or high humidity. 
I hate to say it girls, but they boys might have us on this one. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mom, mom, mum, mommy.....

Now that my son is beginning to walk, this is the next thing that I dred/ am excited about...talking...

Shiny is so last year- matte nail polish is whats up!


So I have this girlfriend that is pretty fashion forward and gets her nails done quite often (oh the joy of not having a kid!) and one of the trends she has told me about are matte nails. Where as the shinnier used to be the better, now a nice dull finish is whats working for the girls of 2010. 
There are a few nail polish brands that you can buy such as Zoya which has different matte colors or you can turn all of your normal polishes into matte by using brands like Essie and their Matte About You polish which transforms your shiny nails to matte in just seconds.

Apparently some celebs that have given this trend some life such as Kim Kardashian - if that makes you want to go out and buy it.

Damnn you fat, I like my boobs!

So now that I'm the big 3-0 and it's the beginning of the new year, one of the things that I really want to do is lose some weight. Not just any weight, THE weight. The weight I gained from pregnancy. That stingy weight that has hung around for almost a year.

The stupid weight has plumped me so thorough so that not only do I spill over my pants and can no longer wear my old shirts unless I hold my breath, I ACTUALLY had one of those moments. You know, the moment where you bend down to pick something up and your button pops off your shirt. Yeah, THAT one. It was before that that I took losing weight seriously but it was after that that I took it SERIOUSLY!

Now my boyfriend and me are on this no carb, no sugar diet and while I'm trying to cope I can't help but think of two things: MY - BOOBS! I don't want to lose my boobs! They are so beautiful and plump and full. Granted they have been milk free for many months and they are ever so slightly lower than before, they are such a great size!

So is that the Catch 22? You gain the perfect boobs but you also gain smaller boobs on your stomach? This is some bull! When I went to NY to see my mom she lost a ton of weight from the last time I saw her. The biggest thing I noticed that was missing: her boobs!! And what was her answer? "It's all the salads." DAMN YOU SALADS!!!!

So what's a fat girl to do? Keep the boobies or lose the weight? Thank god my boyfriend's an ass man.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Can't get any girlier than a Pink Martini!!!


How yummy! A cocktail that just by appearance says "I've been made for a girl!" Here's how you make it...
  • 2 oz of p.i.n.k. vodka,
  • 1 scoop vanilla ice cream,
  • 1 oz strawberry liqueur,
  • large dollop of fresh whip cream
  • 1 plump blueberry.
Combine, p.i. n.k., strawberry liqueur and ice cream in a blender with one scoop of crushed iced and blend until creamy. Top with whipped cream and a blueberry on top.