Monday, August 16, 2010

Sex: The Stress Buster

With finals, work, doctor appointments, potty training, and school and just being a mom can cause a lot of pressure and stress. What better stress reliever than with the good old power of sex!

According to an article on, they give examples how sex can help even the most stressed out mom. They list many scientific research about sex, stating that sex and physical intimacy led women to feel less stressed and be in a better mood the next day. Additionally they note that sex can lead to less of a stress response during challenging situations, such as when about to take test.

Aside from these scientific findings, sex has some obvious stress management components. In addition to effectively taking your mind off of your worries for a decent period of time, sex provides some of these other stress management benefits:
  • Sense of Touch: Studies show that massage can be a great stress reliever. In fact, we need touch for our emotional health; studies also show that babies who are not touched enough can fail to thrive, and touch continues to be important into adulthood.
  • Social Support: People who have a supportive social outlet tend to manage stress better, live longer, and enjoy increased overall health. The type of emotional intimacy that sex can help supply is good for you!
  • Endorphins: Sexual activity releases endorphins and other feel-good hormones. 
  • Physical Workout: Depending on your level of enthusiasm, you can burn a lot of calories during sex, and gain the stress management benefits of exercise as well.
  • Deep Breathing: This deep, relaxed type of breathing relaxes your body, oxygenates your blood and reduces the stress you feel.


  1. I absolutely think sex is good for the body and soul! One additional benefit is that your body produces more natural antibodies so you get sick less often. It's better than an apple a day!

  2. It might be better than an apple a day, but isn't that the thing that brought on all this trouble? That first apple in the Garden of Eden.

    author of In Search of Paradise (Dr REM)