Monday, August 30, 2010

The Punch that Was Never Buggied

So this entire summer while my sister was visiting she has been playing this game. You know it- PUNCH BUGGIE - no backsies. For those who might not know the game lemme tell you the rules: If you are walking with someone and hapen to see a VW bug you punch the other person in the arm before they punch you and you say "Punch buggie, no backsies."

Sounds like fun right? Absolutely not! And apparently I suck at this because my sister always sees one and punches me. That is until I changed the rules. The new Shana rule is : you punch me, I punch you. Since that was implemented she does want to play anymore. Aw, boo!

But he's the irony to this stupid game. Lately whenever I leave the house I always see them! What the hell?! They are everywhere, sometimes two on one block! Where did all these damn cars come from all of a sudden? I would be winning right now! Isn't the definition of "game" something that everyone has fun at?

And you know what makes this game even worse?? Is that now there are new rules added on. Yeah, really! Here are a few from Wikipedia:

Some players consider Volkswagen's 1998 reintroduction of the New Beetle invalid for game purposes but, as older models become more rare, some players may choose to include the new Beetles. Others allow "classic" bugs to count for two punches. One author suggests similar games with station wagons, convertibles, trucks and buses.

 A 'non-physical' variation of the game, called "Beetle," simply awards the participants points for spotting Beetles driving by. Games of this type have been suggested for use in helping to engage autistic children during car rides.

If the Beetle is a convertible, it’s permissible to sweep the hand across the forehead in a downward motion playfully pressing the bangs down. Example of dialog in action: “Slug bug green!” customary punch to the shoulder “and it’s a convertible!” followed by playful sweep of the bangs in a downward motion.

What? Stupid game...

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Punishment is Harsh

So on my way back home from my fun trip to the expensive 7-11 I heard what sounded like a lawnmower running. But how could that be at 10pm right? WRONG!

Just a few doors down from my house was a young boy mowing his front yard! Aren't kids supposed to be playing games or watching tv or on the internet at night?? This one must've messed up pretty badly to not only mow the lawn at night, but to get his picture taken by a nosy neighbor and posted on a website.

Tsk tsk sonny.

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Choose Your Groceries Wisely!

So while taking a simple trip to one of my local 7-11's (we have three within proximity) I was trying to find a few simple snacks for me and the fam. What I came across was quite interesting.

While some of the chips and cookies were reasonable (1-2 bucks) I wondered over to the food section and my pretty brown eyes damn near fell out.

Ok so milk is pretty consistent with the grocery store but here are a few other items that I couldn't get over.

Top left: Franks for $4.99?!
Top right: That's right ladies, it says $7.79...for bacon. Some 7 11 bacon
Left: You might not be able to read it clearly but it does say $4.49 for cheese. 


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