Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cool Father's Day Gifts

With Father's Day looming just around the corner it is time to start thinking of what cool gifts to get dad this year. But why stick to ties and coffee mugs when you can get dad something modern and cool...or geeky.

Here are some great gifts that I have found that are not only unique but are affordable being under $20!

Whisky stones $19.99

These small cubes are made of soapstone and are perfect for the dad that loves whiskey or bourbon and the shape and size allows not only chills the but does not scrach the glass therefore ensuring a great drinking experience! And all for $19.99
Dad can't find that business card from the event he went to on Tuesday? Help him stay organized with this cool desk top file card cabinet.

Bacon Flavored Things - Varies but under $20
What dad doesn't love bacon? At J&D's they can have almost anything bacon from lip balm to bacon popcorn.

So he might not get through metal detectors easily but it's a great way for him not to lose anymore bottle openers! Besides who doesn't love a gift that's double duty?

Apparently dads think that Chuck Norris is the ultimate combination of 30 ninjas, 5 cans of whoop ass all coated with one beard so give him what he wants! These cool Chuck Norris T-Shirt are only $20 in price but are pricesless to the boys.

For Father's Day show dad that LEGO's aren't just for kids and give him the chance to build these cool skyscrapers right at home.

Beer Can Belt - $19.99
Give dad the six pack he's always wanted!!

Moms Have Fun With Retro Bathing Suits!

We all haven't had a chance to get out bodies to the pre-baby stage but why should that stop us from looking good at the beach Now that summer is beginning to kick off we can begin to find those perfect swimsuits that will flatten and flatter our figures.

One site that I've found that offers great retro bathing suits is Popina. Not only are they fun but they have many different selections from one-piece and two-piece suits to tankinis. Above are just a few of the the awesome retro styles fromt the site. Check out Popina for other styles and selections