Wednesday, August 18, 2010

She Said Whaaaat About My Heels?

So today while at a mom get together we got a talking about clothes and shoes (naturally) and I brought up a memory that I thought I'd share with you all. 

During my last few weeks of working at my day job I met and had good conversations with a few other moms that happened to work on my floor. It always happened to be in the bathroom or on the way out/in but it was a pleasant four seconds of catching up on motherhood. 

One of the moms was of a baby girl who is only a few months older than my son and worked at the showroom right across from mine. Being the extremely competitive person I am I always asked what her daughter was doing to make sure I encouraged my son to do the same and be an overachieving baby. If her daughter was crawling, my son was almost crawling. If she was standing, he was standing higher. If she had 2 teeth he had 4 (trust me...there are ways..bruahahaha. I kid) 

Anyway one day this particular mom stopped me and said, "You know I have a question for you. How is it that you still wear high heels? Shouldn't they have been retired by now?" This question both perplexed me and insulted me. If there is anything that anyone knows about me is this: Momma loves her shoes. 

Firstly I did customer service and had to be a representative for my three sales associates the job definitely called for corporate attire (and it was owned by Kohler and they do not play with their image). Secondly...momma loves her shoes!! There was no notice on the back of my son's birth certificate that said that after he starts to walk that I need to donate my heels. 

Now I will admit, running after a baby in hurts! And I don't do kitten heels. I'm talking full blown four inch, "I thought you were shorter?" heels. While flats can be more comfortable I always feel like I'm falling through the floor! And to boot I have such pretty shoes! So many colors, so many prints and I'm supposed to pack them away because I'm a mom? Preposterous!

Is this why the phrase "Your momma wears combat boots!" comes from? 

So after I came out of my shock, I took a look at what she was wearing...and then it all made sense. Now just as a disclaimer, I do not like to judge people. You can do whatever you want, live however you want, dress however you want. It's your life, go for it. But...when someone starts to judge me it kind of puts things in a different perspective. Now I'm not saying she was daudy, but she definitely looked...comfortable. Nice loose shirt, loong simple skirt all capped off with a nice pair of what looked like orthopedic shoes. Maybe she had a bad back or bad knees, but these shoes definitely looked like...well....grandma shoes!

Do you remember what grandma shoes look like? No? Well here is a subtle reminder:


What? You don't like tan? Well then here you go...

And just looking at this ad makes me feel old...

I'm sorry but NO ONE looks forward to wearing grandma shoes...not even grandma's! Not even in this poem. If leaving the heels behind determines how much into Mommyhood I'm getting then I'm losing and I've never like losing so much!! And let it be said, I am not knocking the elderly or women who like to dress like the elderly. I'm merely stating that you will not see my ass in ANY of the shoes above. Ever. Ever ever ever.

Wow, all this talk about shoes makes me want to buy a new pair! Anyone want to go shopping??
 (Mariah Carey's shoe room and my dream closet. I don't like Mariah Carey anymore but I love this room)