Saturday, September 18, 2010

Glidden Got the Job Done!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Glidden. All opinions are 100% mine.

After moving into our new apartment earlier this year, there are still so many projects that I still have yet to undertake and it's already the end of September! Between buying new furniture, installing new french doors and finally mounting the TV it's almost as if we've just moved in.

As an Interior Design graduate one of the things that I love most about designing a space is making an impact by one of the easiest solutions: painting! So much can be done just by adding color to a wall or to a room. Of course there are many different paint selections out there like Benjamin Moore and Bear but I must say that the one that I found to be the best so far has been Glidden.

Over the last few months I have spoken with a few moms regarding design for kids rooms and I have written a few blogs on great design tips on how to make a great modern room for boys and girls. Since doing so I have decided to paint my own sons room. I chose to do a few different hues of Glidden's blue and green and not only was I was able to make my selections using their paint samples that are available at Home Depot (I love Home Depot, if I could I'd marry it and be Mrs. Home Depot) but the samples dried much faster than other brands that I've used before.

I have moved and painted more times than Lady Gaga has outfits (yes that many) but this is my first time painting and having my son around. With him running around the house and not having availability to a babysitter I was worried about fumes and also him getting into the room and adding little design of his own into the wet paint.  Because the testers are so small I was not only able to keep it out of his reach but the containers also have a small brush included in the can, so there was no mess after I was done. What mom doesn't love convenience?

Once the room is complete I'll be sure to post the finished project for all to see (unless my boyfriend does it, then I'd have to get a professional to redo the room.)

Visit Glidden today to get inspired for your next projet!

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Caution: Whiney blog about baby ahead!

You know, I remember the good old days when my son was an infant. He hardly cried, he never fussed. He just sat in his chair and absorbed the world through is big chocolately brown eyes. Oh how the world has changed since he has become mobile and has developed communication skills.

My son is still amazing in many degrees: he is terribly brilliant and can mimic Disney movie scenes, he loves (trying) to play the piano, he is a dancoholic and is by far the best human with 10 inch arm hug giver I've ever known. With that being said: he's driving me crazy!

Where my son went from being a sweet little baby he is now a loud momma's boy toddler. He wakes up everyday at 2:30am expecting to be cuddled, he demands his milk at 8am, and then expects to be held every fifteen minutes. Where did this kid come from? What happened to my sweet lil independent baby who I could leave in the stroller for an hour or so (attended of course) while mommy shopped for shoes?

This wasn't in the "You're a Single Mother Now and Everything Will Be Fine" manual. This should be in the "What to Do When Your Child Goes Nuts" book. What's a girl to do?? Maybe a little bit more of this:

Thanks for listening, Happy Saturday.

Go My Way Down to Ramblers Way!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.

Summer is now over and the brisk fall weather is just around the corner. Time to pack away the shorts and t-shirts and break out the comfy sweaters and long socks. Now the issue is those great sweaters that you had in the attic (or under the bed if you don't have an attic like me) have been eaten by moths, are too tight or are more itchy than you remember.

One of the things I love about long sleeved shirts in the fall is how comfy and cozy they are, until I pulled out my old wool one. Great. Now not only will I have hot, itchy arms but my son is going to run from me when I try to pick him up. It made me look into what wool clothing are out there that is actually comfortable and fashionable.

That is when I came upon Ramblers Way. Not only are their shirts light and soft, but they are sustainable! Not only would you be buying a quality item, but you'd be helping the environment at the same time. All in one wool shirt.

If I could invest $200 in quality clothing I would rather purchase one of their comfy camisoles ($55), one of the cross-neck long sleeved shirts ($85) and a pair of their hipster briefs ($50) instead of buying one hot and itchy sweater. The best part is I'd still have change left over for a hot chocolate!...and if there is one thing I love more than quality's hot chocolate.

It's it about time you rambled about Ramblers Way? Visit their site and see check out their women's apparel and also discover how beneficial the company is to the environment. You are surely bound to be as impressed as I am!

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