Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Liven Your Walls With Art

One of the easiest ways to bring your walls to life besides painting is with a little artwork. With a different ranges of scales and colors, art work and photography can easily brighten the dullest wall taking it from "Whoa." to "Wow!".

Here are a few easy trick to work with when trying to decide which art will work for your home.

Black and White

You can easily make any photo look classic by having it printed in black and white. Many cameras and cell phones even have it as a function in the settings. 

You can have them printed cheaply at Walgreens and not only can you get them in different sizes but you customize them with borders and lettering.

Large Print

Don't be afraid of scale. A large piece of artwork can not only fill up a wall quickly but can add a bit of simplicity as well.
Having one large artwork with a simple subject matter can draw focus to an area without being overly distracting.

Don't be afraid of patterns

In apartments where you don't have the ability (or time) to paint a new color on the wall, you can add interest by investing in artwork that has great patters and color. 

Bring the city indoors

You can never fail with a nice photo, either in color or black and white of a cityscape.

It could be the city you live in or the city you dream to visit, but with a great scaled photograph of  a lit up downtown area is sure to please.

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