Monday, July 19, 2010

Elmo is who??

My son, like many other kids, love Elmo and watching Elmo's World. While having lunch with a mom the topic of kids shows came up and she whispered to me out of ear shot of our kids "Did you know that Elmo is actually a tall, African American guy??" And (sadly) I had no idea!

So of course I had to look it up as soon as I got home and sure enough, there he was! According to  the Sesame Street website Kevin Clash, the third Muppeteer to perform Elmo, wasn’t too enthusiastic about the character at first. But then he spent some time observing small children in the daycare center where his mother worked, and saw for himself that Elmo was resonating with them. The monster’s joyful laughter and positive outlook on life struck a chord with kids and parents alike. 

Here are other voices Clash has done:
Many puppets on Sesame Street such as:
Hoots the Owl, Kingston Livingston III, and apparently occasionally  played Ms. Piggy!
Dinosaurs- Baby Sinclair
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Splinter

Elmo and Ricky Gervias

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