Monday, April 19, 2010

Stretch marks! Can't live with em, can't live without em. Or can we?

 Now that it's getting warm out it's about time to break out the shorts and bathing suits, but who wants to wear a two piece if you still have those dreaded stretch marks? 'Not I' said the blog writer! So how do we get rid of these god awful pregnancy war scars without breaking the bank on laser surgery or hundred dollar cremes? Here are some great marks-be-gone solutions that other moms have recommended!

Tummy Butter by Palmers is one solution that moms have been raving about. Not only is it easy to find (at almost all Walgreens or drugstores) but it won't break the bank costing about $8.

While Bella Bee Tummy Honey Cream is best to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, it does help decrease the marks post pregnancy as well and costs around $20.


Spoiled Mama Cocoa Butter is a big of tof both expecting post delivery moms. All of the ingredients are natural and produce collagen that helps to tighten stretch marks, prevent new ones and works well on C-section scars!

While it is a little more than the other products (ranging about $28) you can't beat natural ingredients!

Castor oil is a age old remedy for a multitude of things, from hair growth, laxative, inducing labor and you guessed it- to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Apparently the best remedy is to apply a layer of castor oil on your stomach, cover the area with saran wrap and then apply heat for 20 minutes. Do this routine everyday for a week and you should see results! Best part? This super oil is typically only $4!

While each creme is said to maintain some affect on stretch marks it ultimately depends on the severity of the scar as well as the consistency of the applications. Considering that every woman is unique there is no real guarantee on the healing time frames but with bathing suit season just around the corner what do you have to lose?

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