Monday, April 19, 2010

Quick Spring Make-Up Looks

Just because we are moms and feel exhausted doesn't mean we have to look exhausted! While it is not necessarily important to put on an entire face of make-up to take junior to the park or to walk to the grocery store, we can still maintain a fresh spring look that keeps us looking and feeling up beat.Here are a few make-up trends and tips to enhance your spring looks.

Use body Shimmer.
While we are not 16 years old anymore a soft body shimmer will give us an overall glow when bounced off the suns rays. Dream Angels Heavenly™ Shimmering Hair & Body Spray- $10

Lavish up your lashes.
A nice dark mascara can make even the most tired eyes glow. The best solution is to use a small brush and to make sure your lashes are not clumped together but spread out.
Nude lip gloss. 
While we all are guilty of kissing our children profusely there is no reason why they need to be coated in red lip marks. By using a nude lip gloss not only do you make your lips pop, but  mommy kisses can be wiped away effortlessly.
Wear bright lipstick.
If you are going to go lipstick go bold! Coral and fuchsia lipsticks are the lip trend this spring.Sephora has a huge assortment of brightly colored lipsticks at reasonable prices.

Brighten your eyebrows.
Apply a thin line of a light eyeshadow right below the brow of your eyebrows. This will not only increase your arches but adds more interest in your eyebrows then the sleepy eyes below.

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