Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shiny is so last year- matte nail polish is whats up!


So I have this girlfriend that is pretty fashion forward and gets her nails done quite often (oh the joy of not having a kid!) and one of the trends she has told me about are matte nails. Where as the shinnier used to be the better, now a nice dull finish is whats working for the girls of 2010. 
There are a few nail polish brands that you can buy such as Zoya which has different matte colors or you can turn all of your normal polishes into matte by using brands like Essie and their Matte About You polish which transforms your shiny nails to matte in just seconds.

Apparently some celebs that have given this trend some life such as Kim Kardashian - if that makes you want to go out and buy it.

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