Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Damnn you fat, I like my boobs!

So now that I'm the big 3-0 and it's the beginning of the new year, one of the things that I really want to do is lose some weight. Not just any weight, THE weight. The weight I gained from pregnancy. That stingy weight that has hung around for almost a year.

The stupid weight has plumped me so thorough so that not only do I spill over my pants and can no longer wear my old shirts unless I hold my breath, I ACTUALLY had one of those moments. You know, the moment where you bend down to pick something up and your button pops off your shirt. Yeah, THAT one. It was before that that I took losing weight seriously but it was after that that I took it SERIOUSLY!

Now my boyfriend and me are on this no carb, no sugar diet and while I'm trying to cope I can't help but think of two things: MY - BOOBS! I don't want to lose my boobs! They are so beautiful and plump and full. Granted they have been milk free for many months and they are ever so slightly lower than before, they are such a great size!

So is that the Catch 22? You gain the perfect boobs but you also gain smaller boobs on your stomach? This is some bull! When I went to NY to see my mom she lost a ton of weight from the last time I saw her. The biggest thing I noticed that was missing: her boobs!! And what was her answer? "It's all the salads." DAMN YOU SALADS!!!!

So what's a fat girl to do? Keep the boobies or lose the weight? Thank god my boyfriend's an ass man.

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