Monday, November 9, 2009

Wah Wah- Wee Wee, Study says babies cry with accents?

So according to some scientist, there is a distinct dialect in the sweet cries and whines of baby's which carry a hint of native tongue as soon as their second day of living.

How, you might ask, were they able to come to this conclusion? (Or you might ask yourself like I did "Who has that much free time to interpret baby cries and start a study on them?")According to Current Biology french newborns end their cries with a lilt at the end that is typically heard in French and German babies start their cries intensely and then drop off at the end which is similar to the emphasis German parents put in their sentences.

So either this study shows that babies are able to pick up dialect in the womb and have the capabilities to reciprocate the sounds.....or they are saying that Germans and French are just a bunch of whiny babies.

Read more about this study here!

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