Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bottles vs. Bottle liners

When having a baby there are always those split decisions that you have to make: Huggies vs Pampers, blue walls with white trim vs white walls with blue trim, crib vs play yard. And then theres bottles vs bottle liners.

Bottles are no joke! You have the polypropylene/BPA-free, glass sets, wide necks, hands free, ventair, not to mention all the different sizes. Let's not even get into nipples! That's a whole other blog!

But the big debate right now is the bottles vs bottle liners. Is either better for your baby? There are some simple pros and cons for both:

Pro-Unlimited use
Pro- Sturdy
Pro- Glass bottles are Earth friendly
Con- If not cleaned properly can cause baby to get sick

Pro- Can easily toss after each use
Pro- The liners collapse as your baby feeds for less air, less gas and less colic discomfort.
Con- Not very Earth friendly

So with this information in hand, which is best? I think it comes down to your dedication to cleaning and convenience. Bottles are traditional and although there can be risks of their cleanliness causing your child to be sick, that also takes affect in sterilized and clean nipples as well. Liners are especially convenient in the matter of when cleaning the only responsibility you generally have is to clean the base and the nipple versus the whole bottle.

My vote is for the liners out of sheer convenience and lack of a dishwasher. is hard not to get bottles when you have funky bottle cleaners like these!

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