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Huggies, Pampers and Luvz, oh my! The big diaper decision

The big diaper debate!

Since having my first child I have pondered many questions: What should his temperature be? When does teething start? Why does his poop change to so many colors? Then while on the topic of poop comes the big question: What is the best diaper to use? Having a baby who blows through about 100 diapers a month makes is easy to test the different brands to see which can uphold his mighty hole.

Between leaking, beading, tearing and major spillage, finding the right diaper can be a challenge! Here are the brands that I have tried and others that rated by other moms-

5th Place
While target might be home to all of the brands that are being reviewed, in my opinion the make the worst non-brand diapers on the market! While they are inexpensive, one good poopie diaper will show you why. They fill up very fast and are very bulky. Now that my son is in the size 2 category, it always seems that they are out of stock when I walk in the door!

4th Place
Now I have tried these back in the day when my sister was a baby and they were no good. While pregnant I had asked other moms about them and apparently the design and quality of them haven't changed in the last 15 years strangely enough. Apparently when they fill up they tear and leave beads on the baby's tush. While on their website they do not offer any samples, supposedly they offer a money back guarantee for their ultra leak protection.

3rd Place
While is this being recently determined due to a quick diaper run to Walgreen's a few weeks ago, I must say that they are actually not that bad! While my son works hard not to disappoint and supplies consistent dirty diapers, Walgreen's' diapers have stood their ground well! Generally if you buy diapers from Walgreen's they have pretty good sales for the middle of the night buy. I was able to buy two bags of 40+ diapers for buy one, get one 50% off! 80+ diapers for less than $15. That's a pretty good deal.

2nd Place
Huggies actually isn't terrible. The problem with Huggies is that they are very plastic-y and and seem to bunch up on the sides of his thighs. However, there is a brand of Huggies called "the softest" which I bought, yes, at Walgreen's which was lived up to it's name and was pretty soft. And to make them even better, I got them on sale!Huggies also offers free samples of their Pure and Natural brand. Having had posted this coupon on MITC before, I received mine in the mail and it consist of three diapers and a plastic diaper baggie. These diapers are very nice with a soft texture and cute little pictures of Pooh bear (oh the irony- there is "Pooh" on the diaper!) So my final analysis of the Huggies brands would be this:

3rd- Original Huggies
2nd- Huggies "The softest"
1st- Pure and Natural

1st Place-
Pampers Swaddlers-
While I have already planned on using Huggies before I gave birth, it was further confirmed for me when it was what was given to use in the hospital just after his birth. These were also suggested from moms right before my son was born and when I started to use them in the hospital I saw why! Not only are they extremely absorbent, they are also very soft, quilted feel and seem as comfortable as a wearable toilet can be for the baby. The other benefit to Swaddlers is that there is a stripe in the front that changes color when the baby wets him/herself. While there are no samples on the website, they do offer a "Changing Diapers for Dummies" tidbits in the details of the diapers. The one downfall to these are that they are the most expensive out of the bunch, but if you are looking for quality diapers, these are for you.

Here are some reviews on diaper labels from

Seventh Generation is one of the few alternative diaper brands that has recently gained popularity by the environmentally conscious. This diaper product is chlorine free. They are also non-toxic and not irritating to a baby's skin. Not only are these chlorine free diapers less harmful to the environment, but they are also gentler to a baby's sensitive skin.

gDiapers are the last diaper brand I'd like to highlight. This baby product is very Earth friendly in that it is a flushable diaper. This is possible because they are made up of biodegradable ingredients that break down in years, not centuries. This alternative disposable diaper brand offers a lot of convenience, less smell, less garbage and no guilt.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a diaper you deem to be the best?

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  1. I use BumGenius cloth diapers on my baby but we recently went on vacation and used gDiapers. They are fine for 2 hours but then my son kept leaking out of the leg holes. Also, poopy diapers are a real pain. The plastic liner that you fit the disposable into gets poopy every time. Really inconvenient and gross to try to rinse out poopies in a public bathroom sink.