Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cow items from Target that are udderly interesting.

Zebra, leopard, giraffe? That's soo 2008! Let me welcome you to the new millennium, my friends, where the new trend is one of our most useful (and edible) resources- cow! Who knew that cows were such a hot commodity these days, well apparently Target does! Check out these cow items that they have you moo-ving to a Target near you!
Who thinks of roosters and that old "cock-a-doodle-do" anymore? Join us in the future where a high pitched "Moo!" will get your morning off to a refreshing start with this Cow Alarm Clock!

What else would you think of when you think of a good quality humidifier than this Crane Cow humidifier.

Would you like a little irony with your cappuccino? Why not with this Express Cappuccino Maker

Need some decorations for your child's birthday? Why not spice it up a notch with these Cow Balloons, or bamooons if you will.

Now this isn't an actual cow item but the name itself cannot be ignored. If you are one that so happens to purchase cd's then throw on your Hammerpants, Kangaroos and head to Target. And don't forget to buy some AA batteries for your Panasonic discman.

Don't know what to be for Halloween this year? Well put that sexy cop, hot firewoman and tight Catwoman outfit in the back of the closet! This year go as the sexy Cow Mascot! "Aww" and "Wow!" all the Halloween parties as you show off your cow goods.

And last and not least, the super practical Cowmooflage car seat! With a price tag of $279.99 they are guaranteeing that your child will feel comfortable, safe, as if they are riding an actual cow and a lifetime supply of hamburgers! Get yours today!

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