Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Scary People of Walmart

I love to do a post every now and again of scary/funny/scary People of  Walmart. What amazes me is that the website has been up for awhile now and yet there are still people who look THIS scary. I woulda thought that by now they would've pulled it together or started shopping at Target. Alas...I was wrong.

Oh stomach hurts from laughing!


  1. OMG those are awesome! Thanks for a good laugh!

  2. I can't believe any of these pictures. I mean, I DO, but it's unbeleiveable. You know? LOL. So gross. I can't imagine. I mean, I've gone out in jammies before...but some of that stuff is just wrong even in the privacy of your own home. LOL.

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  3. Too funny... it's sad that you really can go to your local walmart and see this live and in person!!Following from MBC! looking forward to your post.

  4. hahahahahaha too funny.. for sure..

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