Friday, September 3, 2010

Awesome Totes for Moms by Robilena

One of my favorite websites is Etsy for the amazing selection of independent artists, seamstresses and craft makers. One of my favorite finds is Robilena which is a selection of handmade totes.

Here is little insight about the gal behind the seams, Robin:

I started sewing when I was in elementary school, then didn't sew for many years.  About two years ago, I started making tote bags, trying out different patterns, and combining and adapting them as I went along.  I was having so much fun making the bags, that I decided to start up my Etsy page.  I get most of my fabric at a wonderful independent fabric store in Santa Cruz, California.  It is the same store where I took sewing lessons when I was a kid.

I love playing with fabric pairings and most of my bags have at least 2 and usually 3 or 4 different fabrics.  My preferred fabric to work with is 100% cotton, lightweight fabric, which makes the bags totally washable.  I want these bags to last, so I make sure to have not exposed raw edges on the fabric. 

One reasons I think moms will love them: durability!
All the seams are either hidden on the reversible bags, or on the unlined/non-reversible bags, the seams are all finished so that there are no raw edges.  The handles are very securely sewn on as well, so the bags can hold a fair amount of weight without any worries. They are also a great size for kids to have their own personal bags.

And what woman doesn't love variety? Between the attractive patterns, various sizes and some pieces being reversible, moms have the option to choose which bag fits their need best.

The smaller bags are the perfect size to use as a casual purse, the medium bags are great for the grocery store (which is a very green idea!) and the larger sizes are great as overnight bags, or carry-ons.

To top it all off the prices are very reasonable. With some bags averaging out at $30 why buy a mass produced bag at Target when you can have your own custom made bag with love in every stitch and manage not to break the bank!

To check out and purchase other awesome bags visit Robin's Etsy shop at!

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