Sunday, September 5, 2010

Awesome Vintage Eyeglasses!

So if there is one thing that I have a huge infatuation with is sexy eye-wear. Maybe it's because of the great varieties, the craftsmanship or just the fact that I'm blind and was born wearing glasses. When I was 16 I had to get my first pair and of course they broke out the "The Pair You'll Never Forget" box and sure enough I had the UGLIEST pair of red glasses. They took up half of my face, they were thick rimmed and they were bright ugly red. No wonder people who wear glasses always get made fun of!

From that pair forward I swore I would never buy a pair of red frames again! So after many metal, plastic, square and round frames I was forming a love hate relationship with glasses. It was when I could afford to buy my own glasses (an had great insurance) that I went on a search for stylish and fun frames.

 Not only did I find and purchase an amazing pair of frames- but they were red! And they kicked my first frames butt! Since I've come across some of the most amazing and funky pair of frames in all colors and sizes. Frames so sweet even girls with 20/20 vision buy them.

My love for elaborate and fun frames couldn't be expressed better than by the amazing glasses created by fellow mom Teresa who owns Vintage 50's Eyewear.

A little about woman behind the frames:

Hello my name is Teresa. I live with my husband, two kids and three dogs in a small town in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. I am a firm supporter of animal rights. My passions include animal rescue and collecting and selling vintage and antique eye wear. A trait a picked up from my mother.

I have the 1950s eyeglasses. Time of the poodle skirt and roller skates. The psychedelic 1960s hippie. The disco 70S and the oh so cool retro 80s sunglasses inspired by the hair bands and the blue brothers.

Some of Teresa's glasses are the bling-bling of eye-wear being covered in gems, rhinestones and colorful jewels. Teresa takes the 50's cat-eye frames and introduces them to the new millennium with by adding modern style and finesse putting a new meaning to the "hot library teacher." Getting the right frames can not only be an investment of time but also of money as good frames don't come cheap. If you want to invest in new pair of glasses, why not purchase one that is well made and one of a kind

Visit Teresa's shop Vintage 50's Eyewear here and you can follow her on Twitter here. Once you see her other selections you will wonder who wants to wear contacts when you can have glasses like these?


  1. vintage sunglasses are hot!

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