Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fun Picnic Ideas for Couples

As much as we love our kids sometimes it's nice to just have a little private parent time. As great as dinners and lounges are what is more romantic than a special one-on-one time with your boa than planning a romantic picnic for two.

The most traditional picnic, of course, is a nice outing at a park but there are other options as well to enhance the picnic experience. Here are a few tips from Dazzle on some fun and romantic picnic ideas.

Creative Romantic Picnic Ideas

Romance in Boat
One of the easy romantic picnic ideas is to take your loved one on a romantic boat ride. All you need to do is to find a nearby stream or lake, rent a small boat, pack some wine and good food, buy flowers, and you are ready for the adventure. If you can plan this picnic in the night, where the both of you are holding and talking to each other, while looking at the stars at the same time, it would be even better. One word of caution though, while planning such a picnic make sure that the weather is clear and hot and not chilly.

Romance in Woods
Another of the romantic picnic ideas is to plan it in a forest. You can book a log cabin for staying in the forest, which is amidst lots of trees and greenery. You can take your partner on the jungle trail in the morning, and spend the day talking and holding her hand. In the night, you can light up the fireplace in the log cabin and put some soft romantic music. One of the many romantic picnic ideas is to plan the dinner in bed itself. Include aphrodisiac foods such as chocolates, truffles, vanilla, almonds, whipped cream and nuts in the dinner, and feed each other with them. Later, you can snuggle up together in a blanket and perhaps watch a romantic movie together. Read more on romantic dinner ideas.

Romance by the Sea Side
A seaside, especially when the sun is setting or if its a full moon night, seems like the most romantic venue. When planning a picnic on a sea side, look for beaches which are secluded. This way you will get time to spend alone in each other's company. One of the most romantic picnic ideas on the beach is to apply sun tan on each other and take a sun bath holding each other's hand. Swimming together and giving each other massages are some of the other ways, a couple can spend time together on a beach. If you two are fond of adventure sports, then going in for snorkeling, para sailing or para gliding, is another fun romantic way of spending time at the sea side.  

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