Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Then + Now = Wow!

While watching the movie Annie with my sister yesterday I couldn't help but wonder what cute little Annie looked like now. Once I found her I couldn't believe how different she looked! It made me wonder, what do the young stars from the 80's look like today?

Aileen Quinn aka Annie
Where is she now?
While she was a hit in Annie, she did some acting jobs after Annie she currently does a few acting jobs but is also currently a Spanish, Drama and Dance teacher at a high school in New

Travis Tedford -Spanky from Little Rascals
Where is he now? 
Once a child actor in a few commercials and then in Our Gang now has retired acting.Apparently Travis is now 19 and working at WalMart in Texas. 

Ross Bagley - aka Nicky Banks from Fresh Prince
Where is he now?
Aww remember little Nicky? Not only was he in Fresh Prince but played Buckwheat in Our Gang and was Will Smiths son in Independence Day! He still does a few acting jobs but is currently attending college. Good for him.

Bryton McClure - aka Little Richie from Family Matters

Where is he now?
Oh Little Nicky how you've grown! Now 23 he is an actor and a singer and has worked with charities to help young kids. He currently acts on the daytime show The Young and the Restless.

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