Sunday, May 16, 2010

Workouts At Home

Now that summer is coming everyone wants to be able to get into shape and to hopefully fit into the prebaby jeans again, but it is challenging when you can't get to (or afford) a gym membership or get someone to watch the baby while you work out for that matter! Well worry no more! With the help of personal trainer Victoria Gray we will learn not only how to workout from home but how to incorporate our babies into the workouts as well!

Here are a few workouts that Victoria suggest that you can use with or without free weights, but what better "free weight" can you have than lifting your baby!

*Disclaimer: The photos are of me and my son (and occasionally Bailey the Beagle so they are in no way beautifully lit, airbrushed prettiness. Additionally some might gain chuckles due to my Something About Mary hair and goofy one year old but the workouts are authentic and effective! I am still aching and pumped days later!

Here was our routine:

 Squat to overhead press with baby 3 sets of 20 reps

Lat pull downs two hands with band attached to door 3x20
Alternating side lunges with or without baby on hip 3 x 20
Alternating side lunges with rotational toe touch 3 x 20

Two leg bridges with baby on hips 2 x 10

While we managed to do the hour session with an overactive baby and an attention grabbing puppy the workouts were definitely affective. Victoria suggest that if you decide not to use the baby and do not have access to over the door bands to use free weights or even cans as a means of resistance to your workout. She also mentioned the following:
  • When doing situps make sure to arch your back when going down to the floor to protect your back and spine.
  • Make sure your butt is not sticking high in the air when doing push-ups and to be aware that you are pushing your body up as one unit, so no sequence of legs, stomach and shoulders. Just one connected push up of your entire body. 
  • To make sure that your shoulders are dropped and you are in a diving position when doing the pull-downs. This will accurately work and tone your back muscles. 
  • To keep in the back of your mind what it is that you are going after while you work out. While the repetitions might be tedious the only way you will achieve your goal is if you keep pushing yourself.
If you want to contact Victoria directly you can email her at or go here to her Facebook for more questions or on baby fitness.


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