Monday, May 3, 2010

Versus of the Week: Pizza Hut vs Domino's

Now that Domino's has admitted to having had some crappy pizza and hence reworked their recipe, I think that not only can you taste the difference but it's actually pretty good. The sauce has a bit of a kick in it, the cheese is  not only real but nice and gooey and the crust is perfectly coated with butter, oregano, garlic and other seasonings.
With that being said it's still a hard toss up as to which is a better: the new Domino's or traditional Pizza Hut?

While the newly concocted pizzas at Domino's are tasty and you can order two medium pizzas with two toppings for $5 each it's hard to beat the super buttery crust, any toppings you like, stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut for only $10. While you might get a deal by gaining two pizzas for almost the price of one at Domino's, you can opt to have so many toppings for the $10 special that it could very well feel like you're eating two pizzas!

Besides pizzas both venues offer other sides and dishes. Let's do a side by side comparison to see which has the best offers!
PH vs D

I can't help it, I love me some Pizza Hut.

Take our poll and log in which is your favorite.

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