Thursday, May 6, 2010

30 Minutes For Us On Mother's Day!

The ideal day for us on Mother's Day is to wake up to breakfast in bed with a card, to then to be spoiled and treated like royalty because after all, if we weren't here neither would anyone else! But how does this day typically turn out? We wake up make breakfast, treat everyone else like royalty because if we weren't here nothing would get done! Well it is our day - it's on the calendar so it has to be important. If no one else is going to give us our just desserts (mmm, dessert) then we shall take it ourselves! If you got 30 minutes to have time for yourself, here are 10 things that you can do to celebrate your day.

1. Get a manicure. 
There is nothing like having someone else tend to your needs so go get your hands soaked, rubbed an nailed painted. It's about time for their 30 mile tune up anyway. 

2. Get a pedicure.
After walking all day pushing a stroller, chasing kids, going up and down stairs our feet need some attention too. Take some time to relax your sole, no pun intended.

3. Take a loooong shower
Who really has time to take a bath these days? By the time your finish cleaning the tub, filling it with water and putting in all the pretty bath beads the baby will have to be changed, time to start dinner, or you'll just fall asleep from exhaustion of preparing the bath. A nice long and how shower still manages to be effective and there are great shower gels to make it feel spa-like.

For a really relaxing shower try out the Twilight Woods line from Bath & Body Work (left)

4. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers
You don't have to go big or order a box of flowers, go to your local grocery or corner store and purchase a nice bundle of flowers. A little color and spring scents will bring great atmosphere and life to your home and to yourself!

5. Have a glass of wine.
Sometimes it's not about the fancy cocktail or the martini glass, sometimes it's nice just to relax with a nice bottle of wine. Though you might want to buy your bottle on Saturday since many stores close early on Sundays. Just a thought!

6. Grab a mom and get some lunch.
It can either be your mom or a mom friend but treat yourself to a nice relaxing lunch with some good food and conversation. Why not even go to a byob and do option 5 too?

7. Get your eyebrows done. 
There is nothing that brightens your face faster than cleaned up eyebrows. Whether you are into waxing, plucking or threading, having your eyebrows done is not only quick but generally inexpensive.

8. Go shoe shopping.
 With summer approaching there are some great shoe specials that are starting to take place. Take your half hour and go and find a nice pair of shoes to wear on your day!

9. Get your hair washed. 
No need for a fancy haircut and style. Simply get your scalp massaged, your hair washed and blow dried and come out feeling refreshed and enjoy the rest of your day.

10. Sleep!
It's Sunday! You had a long week and now it's your day. Sleep in for an extra half hour, take a nap later in the day, take a nap while having a bath (unless you do option 3 on the list). Take some time for yourself and get in some extra Zzzzs. You deserve it.

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