Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To celebrate or not to celebrate, that's the question.

So my son just turned one in March and there was a huge debate as to if I was going to throw him his first birthday party. Considering my family is in NY and all of my friends are grown ups it seemed that there was no debate that we would have a small party of just my son, my boyfriend and I. Although we bought Leito some toys and clothes for his birthday, they still seemed slightly un-birthday like since he was with us while they were purchased.

So my question is: are first birthdays for the baby or for the mother?

I definitely believe that they are more so for us than for them. We had to carry them around for 10 months and then we had to raise them for one year. It is an amazing accomplishment that even though the babies will never remember we will.

I asked a few mothers their thoughts regarding hosting a first birthday party and had many different answers. Some moms said they will not have a party, some moms said they will have a party and will invite the neighborhood babies, some said they will have a party but just with family members. I will admit, if I had some friends with babies I would've thrown him a small party as well but you take what you can get right?

What would/have you done? Did you throw a party or was the baby THE party?

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