Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obama signs health care bill signed today!

Although unpaid days off suck I will admit that the most exciting and grand things happen when I don't work at my full-time job. I've found $20 on the street, I got to watch the Michael Jackson funeral, I saw my son take his first steps and today I got to watch Obama sign the health care bill. It was pretty uplifting to watch Obama speak with such passion and excitement to pass a bill that has been lingering in the bows of American politics.

While Obama has many followers who will support just about all of his decisions and there are people who are complete opposed to his rule, not many people know what the health care bill really is! While the full effects of the bill will not be completed until 2014, certain parts will take affect this year. Here are some that Obama addressed this morning that will take affect this year:

  • Young adults will be able stay on their parents' insurance until their 27th birthday.
  • Companies would no longer be allowed to deny coverage to sick children.
  • A temporary reinsurance program will help offset costs of coverage for companies that provide early retiree health benefits for those ages 55 to 64.
  • Insurers will not be able to rescind policies to avoid paying medical bills when a person becomes ill.

For a more detailed time line of what the health care bill will offer read more here.

Overall it will affect everyone a little differently. There are some pretty big changes that will undoubtedly make a huge change in American living but sometimes it's the change we need to make for a better future. Only time will tell, but I'm rooting for Obama! Though hopefully he won't sign anymore bills with 20 pens. That took about 5 pens too long.

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