Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gossip! Jealous Jon Makes for Juicy Gossip

So as we have all heard Kate will be tearing up the dance floor on Dancing With The Stars, because she's a huge star, by the way. Well apparently this isn't ringing too well for poor Jon because as per US Weekly while Kate is off working on her two step, nannies will be watching her spawn (I mean kids) versus their father taking care of them. The man is barely making any money now, has been publicly disgraced, and now he can't even spend a little more time with his kids? Someone give the dog a bone and let him see his kids!
Now that I think of it, does anyone really know what he does for money anymore? When he stated the show he used to be an IT Analyst. Apparently since the show he has become "too famous" to gain any regular jobs and he is being taken to court by TLC for unapproved appearances. Whoops. 

Don't feel too bad for the unemployed dad though. He still generates money from the shows DVD sales as well as writing books and doing some speaking engagements. Perhaps they are about the sanctity of marriage and family. I wonder if Tiger Woods will be there, too?

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