Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mommy By Mistske - my new piece of literature

You know when you have something really good and you always just expect it to be there and then one day, when you least expect it, it's gone? Well that was how I felt about the bookstore in the building that I work at.

The B. Dalton bookstore that has homed my "What's different?" books, the first book I ever bought my son as well as various cookbooks that I plan on using one day was going out of business.

To commemorate the store's closing I thought I'd buy one last book to hold to it's memory. Though the store was almost bare, I was able to find a diamond in the rough.

I am always on the look out for mom books that are inspiring or relatable. The title of the book sold me 50%- Mommy By Mistake and then the other 50 was the inscription. The books is about a self-employed woman who was living her single life to the fullest when she became pregnant out of the blue. Though I am only five chapters in, the book is hitting very close to home so far. From her pregnancy, to wanting to gain friends, to the difficulty of traveling with a baby, the book is hard to put down.

While I love to get lost in my ( boyfriend's) Zune on the way to work, I have now dedicated that time to read this book. It must be a gripping novel since I'm nervous about where this is going to lead. Will someone get pregnant again? Will she bump into her son's father and tell him that he has a son? Will she get married? Will someone's baby get hurt? All very plausible...

Now...on to chapter 7. Stay tuned....

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