Friday, January 22, 2010

It's 2010, time to get healthy...damn

So despite the consistently cool weather, spring is around the corner. Well around the corner, down the block, three buildings down. Regardless, its coming. The holidays are over, are resolutions set,now its time to figure out how to shed last year pounds and fit into those bathing suits that didn't fit in 2009!

After having my son last year and watching my body giggle and fold in ways I have only seen in movies, I am anxious to start a regiment that I can stick to that doesn’t include joining a gym for $100 a month and considering protein bars as ameal. While I can admit that not having the Pizza Hut $10 special every other day might help I cant seem to get stimulated enough to want to have that morning jog or convince my brain that the Cherry Cheesecake Jubilee yogurt tastes remotely like cheesecake. Perhaps if there was a Big Mac with cheese or a Filet o Fish yogurt Id be more inclined. (Don't make that face, you know you'd eat it, too.)

So what is one lazy mother to do to get pumped up? Eating right and a simple work out will is always the answer but it's much easier said than done.

Here are a few recipes that Ive found that are not only simple to make but wont bust your budget.





As far as exercise, as much as a gym will increase the weight loss in these times not everyone can afford to pay for those amenities. For now long walks to the store or to the daycare can easily count. Take the train to work? Use the stairs instead of the escalators. What I have started to do is to play and lift my son some more. Now that he is pushing over 20 pounds lifting him in the air up and down a few times is bound to make for a difference. Whats even more beneficial is that by play with my son and chasing him around is making HIM tired, therefore knocking him out right at bedtime. Everyone wins!

Setting a goal also helps to keep to momentum (as long as its realistic). I have gained about 20 pounds since having my son and would love to lose them by the summer. My first hurdle will be ten whole pounds. I am determined to lose this by March 1st. (Is that realistic? Ugh, keep your fingers crossed!)

So who’s with me???

Do you have any techniques or recipes that help to shed pounds?

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