Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finally, a baby starter kit for dummies....that means us...

When you think you've received all the advice you can from doctor's, your parents, and friends...your baby goes and poops something bright orange or better yet not at all for days. Don't forget those special days that you go to pick him up and he has a nice pile of hot surprise waiting for you in his chair. Or now that he's beginning to teeth he chews on everything he gets a hold of... EVERYTHING- such as cords, body parts (yours), shoes and more. (Thanks son for providing such useful examples.)

Now you can free your mind and the rest will follow with this starter kit about babies. The kit contains:
  • The Baby Owner’s Manual
  • Growth Chart, with stickers for marking baby’s progress
  • Diaper Changing Instructional Poster
  • Babysitter’s Memo Pad
  • Decorative magnet
and more!

If not for yourself, definitely a handy gift for the expecting. Go here for more info and price!

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