Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chicago- Transit raises unFare (get it??)

So last year we had a fare increase that went from $1.75 to $2.00 per ride and a decrease in transfers. Now we are being threatened again with a fare hike to a preposterous $3.00/ride and even increasing the 7 day pass from $23 to $30 dollars! Chicago, jeez! You already put a higher tax on alcohol and snack food so now I can't afford to drink away my sorrows or binge on junk food, now I can barely afford to take the bus to work...or to the store to buy the overpriced booze!

How sad that site will be, me riding a bike with a basket full of wine, chocolate...and my baby! Please, CTA, save me the embarrassment!

..... I don't want to look like this mom....

For a city that was ready to invest almost $3 BILLION dollars to host the Olympics, it's astonishing that they are about to bleed our pockets dry for us to try to travel in the city. Chicago is also working hard to become a very green city, though if these changes were to occur it would cause more people to purchase cars therefore adding to the pollution of the city....and the world! Considering Chicago used to be deemed one of the fattest cities in the states, maybe this is some underlined tactic to get people to start walking more. Now THAT would be impressive.

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